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Conserving Our ValuesThe very word Conservative invokes conserving our values.  In my opinion women are created to be protected and honored by men.  Chivalry is a good thing.

My mom had four children and she was three weeks pregnant with a new little life growing in her, the day her husband died.  Her doctor suggested she have an abortion.  I am thankful she didn’t; that little life was me.

Why does aborting little girls and little boy babies equal being pro-women?  The people that are for that as a group are also for exploiting women in film, print, internet and wing establishments. Notice this group is not big on exploiting men; in fact they are the defenders of perpetrators.

Yes we need equal pay and yes people of conservative or liberal values can let us down 100%, they are just humans not God.  But with conservative values there are standards that people are brought back to.  The 10 Commandments are extremely valuable to a civilized society.