Blue Crab on the Beach

Free running Crab

Are you feeling like your obstacles are insurmountable?  Animals share much in common with us.  Imagine, you are playing in the shallow surf instead of being deep where you belong – wrong place & wrong time.  Suddenly you are swept up and plunged into darkness.  In fact it’s not just dark, there are scraps and then pinches.  You breathe deeply to get your bearings.  Scrap, scrap, “Hey knock that off.”  Okay take a couple deep breathes.  “Knock that off.”  Others are with you in the same predicament.  Is that comforting or even creepier?    Decidedly creepier!  If they are in trouble too who can help you?  Is there help?  Well little crab, the fact is fishermen don’t even bring a lid because when you add a couple of crabs in one bucket they will pull each other down, down, down!!!  On top of which there are other crabs sitting on top of you; shoving you, telling you, “you’re all finished now!”  Hold on!

Are there ways out of your bucket?  Yes others have gotten out of the predicament that you now find yourself in.  It will be different perhaps, but you are not finished!!  This blog is dedicated to showing you topics and stories of others finding their way back to deep cool liberating waters.  The land of the free crabs is there.  Join the adventures of people overcoming fearful things and moving on.  Hear from professionals too who can guide you to where you want to be!