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The sun is setting in at the quiet village farm. “Whoooh!” Ouch, what the heck! Poor sighted Donkey fell in the stupid hole, a dilapidated well with it’s boundary walls broken down. “Shooooo” cries the donkey.

donkey in the well

This is not where I want to be.

He bleeps to the farmer, “I say Farmer John, it’s Donkey! I fell in our well!” Silence. “It’s your beloved donkey, I can’t jump this is just too deep.” … “Help!” …… “Okay good plan we’ll deal with this in the morning.” … “Good night my friend. I’ll just close my eyes and look forward to being hoisted out tomorrow. You are a strong, well not so smart, but he is good hearted…. Yes, so I’ll just rest till morning.”

Then farmer comes over, blankly looks down the hole.

dog and cat

Dog and cat usually don’t miss a trick

Dog and Cat look down. Dog, “Smooth one.” Cat, “Farmer doesn’t care, Farmer will let you die there.” Farmer John walks away.

The dawn breaks. Donkey sighs, “Yes it’s rescue time.” Rooster crows, “Rise and Shine.” Donkey bleaks, “Farmer John!” Cat and Dog snicker. Donkey replies, “I don’t hear you!” Cat, “Just die with dignity, Farmer won’t expend energy saving an old worn out donkey.” Donkey, “I don’t hear you.” Cat, “Selective hearing.” Dog, “maybe Donkey is smart.” Donkey, “I am smart and useful and lovable.”

looking at donkey in the well

my helpful well lookers

Farmer appears with friends. Donkey, “That’s right, where’s the rope? Shovels won’t help.” Then dirt loads on the shovels, and falls on Donkey’s head and back. The faces of the people and cat are none emotional.

Dirt hits Donkey’s eyes, burning. He cries, some of the burning is relieved. Donkey puts his head down in greatest despair. Breathe in, shake, step, breathe, shake, move. “I will do what I can and nothing more, nothing less.”

Donkey almost out of well

This is working!

Hey, says John, “He’s coming up!” They start dropping the dirt to the sides and in filling the gap, Donkey is able to climb out.” “Hurray everyone exclaims.” Donkey gets hugs from everybody. Farmer’s wife takes pictures, cat steps next to Donkey for the pictures. Donkey is loved; Donkey is useful he has made everyone happy!
A year later Donkey saved Farmer’s life by smashing a poisonous snake with his huff.

Farme house well restored

The farm has it’s well happily restored.

10 take aways:
1) We all fall.
2) Holes can be dangerous, survey what needs fixing and work together.
3) If the donkey could have thrown back the dirt back instead of putting it under his feet he would have never gained the ground he needed.
4) Don’t receive useless negative massages.
5) Know your value!
6) It’s okay to cry.
7) Think about the good and things almost always go in a better direction.
8) Do what I can and nothing more, nothing less.”
9) Winning is best when everyone wins.
10) Helping others is the right thing to do.

The original story is by an unknown author; on this version of the story Gail Danos © 2012, all rights reserved, you have my permission to reblog this story in it’s entirety.