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Super Bowl Picture of Tim Tebow and his mom Pam Tebow

On Friday I attended a dinner by the Central Florida Pregnancy Center where Pam Tebow was the guest speaker.  Two different times when I was in my car driving I heard about this dinner and knew I should go.  As I was seated at the banquet I knew I should have gotten the word out to so many friends about this dinner. 

Pam Tebow is an advocate of Life and Pregnancy Centers.  This was a fundraiser for the Central Florida Pregnancy Center.  I’ll write about pregnancy centers soon.  Over 80% of girls and women who are blessed to see the ultra sound of their babies decide to keep them.  For $30 a woman can see her unborn child in an ultra sound.  There are options for that little life too.

The Tebow’s passion for the unborn is a personal story.  When Pam was pregnant for Tim, the Tebow’s were in a foreign country doing missions work.  She was told to remove the tumor – abort the baby in her body to save her own life.  She didn’t abort her 5th child, Timmy.  Pam, her husband Bob and the other children prayed that Tim would be a preacher.  Tim means honor God, God honoring.

Pam quoted many scriptures and sang us segments of Psalm songs she sang to her children.  If she sang like Adele it would have been diminished.  Her songs and commentaries of her songs were real, sweet and warm.  Leaving the rest of us to know, I can and should do this with the loved ones in my life.

When I saw Joel and Victoria Osteen in Orlando one year with a new age friend, both of us could feel their goodness that filled the whole stadium.  My friend who believed in flying saucers didn’t understand the invitation given at the end; but he was open enough to come.  My friend could feel the atmosphere of purity.  We are all regular people; but when regular people fall in love with our unbelievable God – we have Magic!  The Tebow’s have that honest true quality. 

Pam had 4 points and you should have her speak to hear about these pointers to her son and you.  I don’t believe in taking a speaker’s notes and putting them all in a blog.  You should hear them from Pam.

Bob quoted 5 things that last forever to his family over and over: God, His Manuel, People, Angels and Rewards!  There ways of viewing others non-judgmentally, humbly, etc., well it this was like the first time I went to Italy.  When I was in Treviso and walking down the street I thought oh my gosh, Audrey Hepburn is Audrey Hepburn because of where she comes from.  Everyone was thin, stylish and kind as I surveyed this wonderful city.  Yes I know Ms. Hepburn was a Brit, but everyone looked like her when I first got to Italy.  In the same way, enjoying an evening in the quality of Pam and Bob Tebow, it was plain to see why Tim Tebow is this amazing young athlete!

And that is being out of the crab bucket of a culture that says the star gorgeous quarterbacks should be scoundrels!  Bravo Tim, Pam and Bob!!!  Bravo to all who pattern after the Shepard’s loving plan for your lives!!  Don’t be prefect just love God, read His Word and coarse correct as often as needed!