This is a smart idea that so many people can duplicate! Nice!!

mrs. and the misc.

If you read this blog much, you know that Shane (my husband) call’s me a DIY Factory because of my constant projects. With the Holidays and all the present wrapping that’s going on in my life I needed a WRAPPING STATION! I have a room upstairs that I have converted into my craft room but really since we moved in, it’s been the junk room. Thanks to my favorite store Hobby Lobby, I have a fun collection of wrapping paper 🙂

I headed off to Lowe’s with P and got the most functional “closet” organizer and turned it into a wrapping station! For only $34.99 I was able to organize all of my wrapping stuff and it’s all in one place! This organizer is in the closet section at Lowes. It took me FOREVER to find it when I went. I’m VERY excited about it and it’s so cute which…

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