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tumblr_mdhgnqJKFi1qb30dwo1_500There is a scripture that says, It is God’s Delight to hide a matter and Man’s/Woman’s Delight to Find it Out! This is one of my favorite qualities in relating to God.  He is brilliant, all brilliance and yet playful and loves to laugh with us.

So this chapter that grabbed me years ago as the missing link – that if people, especially men got this – oh what a wonderful world it would be.  In fact in Heaven everyone does get these principals and I’m looking so forward to living fully without the garbage of this end of the age time we are living in. Well in Hosea 4 God is saying, where is the love? there is no acknowledgement of me in your land.
As Christians we are Abraham’s spiritual seed and like the Israelites we have repeated all the dumb things, the same mistakes that the people made thousands of years ago.  As an example of our repeating dumb patterns, our culture is removing God more and more out of our culture. This is being done in the name of sophistication – it’s not sophisticated it is ignorant to do this. It is saying, bring on the judgement’s Lord.

God says, my children die for lack of knowledge. Our innocence dies. Our happiness dies. Our dreams die. Our lives are often shorter for lack of knowledge.
How does Hosea 4 say we have this lack of knowledge? 4.10 says lust and mind altering substances wipe away our understanding. What is scary to me is that people don’t understand or know what they don’t know!!  If you read Hosea 4 you will see the scripture says understanding is removed through the spirit of prostitution and old and new wine.  

So if this is not God’s plan what is His plan? Psalm 119:130 and many more scriptures say that UNDERSTANDING is GAINED through READING GOD’s WORD!  God’s plan is for us to know Him. To know Him and read His Word and fall in Love with Him! That is where joy is! Everything He Is, He want us to be! He is Wise; He wants us to be wise. We don’t have joy when we continue to operate in ways against the design He created for us!

I look forward to feedback on this post. May we each grow in His wisdom and delight in excellence. God bless us all!