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Dysfunctional Love

This is a poem I wrote three years ago as a daughter to her father. Now that I have a son I can only imagine the hurt he will feel from his father not being there when he is older. I am thankful every day that I had a boy though. Because a girl without her dad is a girl without a definition of love, a boy without a dad is a boy w/o a hero, but at least another hero can take his place.

“Dysfunctional Love”

My first love was my daddy, he held my heart in his hands.

When he sat and listened he taught me love understands.

My first love was my father, I was daddy’s little girl,

When he gave me his time, He was giving me the world,

My first love was dad, my earliest memories revolved around him,

I’d give him my all if he asked me, doting to his every whim,

My first love let me down, When he walked away that day,

HE taught me try as hard as you will, but love won’t stay,

My first love scarred me, gave me this new perception,

That to love means to hurt, to have to live with deception,

My first love took a part of my heart, and was too selfish to see,

While he was hurting my mother, he was slowly killing that piece of me,

My first love let me invest in him, Trying to build up a hopeless case,

Let me love him so much, while he lied to my face,

My first love is still out there, determined to the end he wasn’t wrong,

I try to work out my issues, so the damage wont be prolonged,

My first love hardly calls, but I’ve learned to cope,

He taught me well that love revolves around hope,

My first love is fading from my mind, but he’ll always remain,

As the one who seemingly unconsciously gave love a bad name,

My first love showed me something, And now Im aware,

Any man who in any way resembles my first Love to BEWARE

And dad I hope one day you read this and things change for the good

Instead of you thinking this is just another time you’ve been misunderstood,

My daddy, my father, my friend, you were all of the above,

But you also were the man who was my first dysfunctional love.

I love you dad. I wish you knew how to love me.


Posted by Leila Harris at 11:17 AM

via A Young Mom's Struggle.