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The magic of innocence! The magic of Saint Nicholas!  


Little boy in footy red pajamas with the drop drawers in the back stares up the chimney with mom’s cookies at the ready to exchange for many presents; is it wrong to give our children magic?

There is so much disappointment in life as economies are crashing.  Are we harming our children to not have the ability to deal with the future?  I do see people who never grew up in areas of their lives and it does harm their ability to deal with life effectively.  I’m creative and I can ignore the data and play my own game just about anytime I want.  All creativity can do that.  All people of faith can do that.  Even if there were no loving God; the ability to dream and imagine fuel our solutions and inventions. 

Santa is a fore runner in the understanding of children to how God really is.  God is benevolent and wants to give His children all good things.  Saint Nicholas was looking out for the poor.  I think in the beginning years just believing in Santa and being exposed to Jesus’ birth is just right.  Toddlers go through the” me me” phase and it helps them to be able to give to others later in life.

Just as God wants us to dine on the meat of His word as we grow up he wants us to focus on the magic of loving as well  as being loved in His birthday season.  Saint Nicholas was a humble example of looking for other’s needs.  So ho ho ho, I give a cheer to Magic and a cheer to balance.