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As so many people are going for years with less income, I am hoping to write to those of you who have maintained less interruptions.  When giving your Christmas gifts to loved ones who are going through prolonged challenges or retired loved ones who are feeling beaten by high expenses with a fixed income – Consider asking these loved ones when the last time their car was serviced.  Do they need new tires for their car?  Buy them weed and feed for their lawn and apply it yourself if they are finding harder to stand up when getting out of their chairs.  When was the last time they changed their a/c filter.  

Return the $50 lotion, the tie, shirt, the new robe.  Last years that you gave them is still in great condition I imagine.  

Do they need attorney fees paid to get something done?  Do they have a will in place?

It’s time to get out of the box or bucket and really connect more with the ones you love.  Rewards are coming from Jesus for all those things done in private and public that are done with right intentions!

Christmas is a Celebration of Love, God so loved us that He gave His son to dwell as a  mortal so we could all be his children.  With family when one hurts don’t we all hurt?

Shalom to us all this holiday season.  Shalom a Hebrew word means many things.  My favorite meaning in the word Shalom is Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.  

Shalom to You & Yours,