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DIY Deck / herb garden using wine boxes





I have wanted a garden for EVER!  We have tried in the past, without much luck.  You’d think that because we live so close to the ocean there wouldn’t be a lot of critters…WRONG!   Even with a chicken-wired-top on our raised beds, those veggie-lovin’ critters would find their way in {clever lil’ suckers!!!}.

My husband was so annoyed because he worked his butt off for our garden.

Anyway, Michael basically refused to try again and I can’t-say-that-I-blame-him!

So, I decided on a deck garden this summer.  Personally, I know I wouldn’t be able to handle anything too big either.  I mean, I’m not even sure what a weed looks like, so little is just fine with this North East Yankee gal!

We had several wooden wine boxes we have saved over the years…{okay, maybe not “years”, but don’t judge, we totally appreciate a good wine!}.  I thought the wine boxes would make perfect lil’ “raised beds” for our garden.

I didn’t start from seed with ANYTHING.  I bought my veggies and herbs at Lowes and Wally World {yup, Walmart!}.

So here’s what we have….cayenne peppers, baby cukes, patio tomatoes, basil, thyme, chives, cilantro, sage, parsley and a few more I’m forgetting!

I envision delicious meals made using our herbs and veggies, and I can’t wait!

I stamped some garden markers using vintage silverware and stuck ‘em in the soil.  I love how they look next to my little plants.  I have some garden makers for sale on Etsy if you’re interested!

via DIY Deck / herb garden using wine boxes.