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Earlier this week I was poking around on the Martha Stewart website recipe section and bumped into her recipe for fortune cookies. I had watched a few YouTube videos on how to make these and honestly, it looked like a lot of fun and not too difficult.

Fortune cookies are the best part of Chinese takeout anyways, so why not try making them at home. Homemade anything always tastes better than the mass produced stuff anyways. Fortune cookies follow that rule too! These are so delicious that I’ll never look at a packaged fortune cookie the same way again. And … they are fun to decorate for the holidays!

Michael’s sells these cute little Chinese food take-out boxes that are perfect for packaging up homemade treats. If your child’s school allows homemade treats, you could put a cookie in each little carton to hand out during the V-Day party.

The best part … you can add your own messages. I used my label maker to print out messages and stuck them onto heart printed scrapbook paper. How romantic would it be to write out a marriage proposal on one of these?

The only downside to making your own fortune cookies is that it’s tedious work. Since the cookies harden so quickly you can only bake 2 – 3 cookies at a time and get them shaped quickly enough. If you’ve got fast fingers you can even put some conversation hearts inside the cookie before you fold it.

What You Need to Make Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Martha Stewart’s Fortune Cookie Recipe

Red & Pink Wilton Candy Melts

Candy Decorations

Printed Fortune Labels & Scrapbook Paper

Fortune Cookie Making Tips & Tricks

Use a small soup spoon to spread the batter onto your cookie sheet into a perfect circle

Spray your baking sheet between each cookie batch or they will be stuck.

A sharp, metal spatula works best for transferring the cookie to a towel.

Work FAST. These things harden within about 15 seconds.

Use the rim of a coffee cup to fold the cookie in half.

Place the folded cookie into a cupcake tin so it will hold the shape as it dries.

Your fingers will get burned. Folding hot cookies just seconds after they come off the sheet hurts!

via Dipped and Decorated Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day.