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January is the start of our new year and taking time to course correct our thoughts, actions and plans are well advised.  WRITE YOUR PLANS & MAKE THEM PLAIN.


Pick the right spot to meet with the King!  He is everywhere, natch, but having a regular place; your prayer closet can be snuggling in bed and conversing with Him before you let your mind drift or that perfect spot to have your tea!  Charles Stanley speaks of having a special place to hear from God!  Solitude and silence are two of the keys.

What you need: Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the right place or create it.  Have a listening ear, a pen, paper and The Bible.  You might read before or after as well.

Sum up last year.  Where did 2012 take me?  What was fantastic about last year?  What of that can I cultivate that in this new year?

Envision what you want for this year.  What do you need to do to get there ~ write the steps.  What thoughts need to change in you?  These are new Declarations.  

Read the Bible Daily.We take in more information from more sources than ever before. Take in His Word and hold everything else you take in to His standard.

The right people on your journey!  We veer from paths and take side roads because of our traveling companions.  Have the right traveling companions.  Do your companions share your beliefs?  Do your companions share the same destination goals? Traveling alone is way better than being blinded to the truth.  Let the Truth be your traveling companion.  Reading the Bible every day is essential to know what direction to take.

The King Connects Through His Four Elements: Air ~ breathing it in at the ocean, before a storm, as you look at His stars, laughing with loved ones we breath in more. Fire ~ Fire in a fire pit, even candles on a cake, fireworks connect us with Our Liege. Water ~ Swimming or sitting by water in a pool, fountain, pond, lake or ocean. Earth ~ Mountains, tending the garden or lawn, even a plant, wheat fields, flower fields, rock climbing, sand at the beach. All of the elements are here to ground us with God.

Be Aware:  We are heading into the final of the final days, the end of Act 3.  This time shortly coming up will be the darkest of days mankind has ever before seen or ever will see.  

Fasting: Just to turn off the give me voices. I finally choose a juice, tea, coffee, kifir, yogurt, all the fruits & veggies & for a treat nuts ~ for 30 days! Today is day One! So if you didn’t start or quit your fast. . . start again. Do it how you think He wants it this year.

January is First Fruits It’s powerful to understand this precept from our King!

How to Build a Fire Pit: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,1636191,00.html