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Caprese Salad

In Appointment With The King I was on day one of this juice fast.  Today I had a meeting then got some tea and went to the bookstore, then the library.  So I was really hunger, getting weak by the time I got home.  It was a good day as well.  I wanted to celebrate.  I decided to add some mozzarella to my smoothie.  The mozzarella was gong to go bad.  That makes it an exception.  Okay a slice, okay a second slice instead of putting it in the blender.  Oh look at these dried tomatoes in olive oil, if I used them there would be more room in the frig.  I had the basil so the caprese salad.  Then a friend was over & said, How about a martini.  No!  Well Okay.  I do budget a couple of cheats in my juice fasts.   Within an hour I was very tired and took a 90 minute nap.  I am at a place I don’t need food if I have 2 blender of juice or 1 blender of juice and then steam some veggies with chicken broth and have soup.  The kidneys and liver need proper care.  Starting and stopping a fast slowly is important.  And if you include some cheats be careful.