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This 1940s waves tutorial is one of my favorites because, well, who doesn’t love glamorous 40s waves? Below is the full 40s waves tutorial or “vagues glam années 40” along with a short video of me teaching it at my Wanderlust workshop (shot on an iphone). It’s a quick version of how to get this look (you know how I love fast hairstyles). Instead of curling and setting your entire head, you’ll just focus on creating a strong, long-lasting wave around your face, and then loosely curl the rest of your hair to match the texture. Nobody will know that you only really curled the front and kind of curled the rest.

Here is what you need:

– hair spray (we used Rusk W8less)

– tail comb

– 1 inch curling iron (we used Babyliss Pro curling irons)

– boar bristle brush

– silver duckbill pins

1. Use the tip of your tail comb to make a clean deep side part above your eyebrow. Spray hairspray all over your hair – lots of it and in sections so you get it everywhere. Brush it out with your boar bristle brush and then spray it all over again. Repeat until your hair has that “perfect kind of dirty” texture.

2. You are going to curl all of the hair along your front hairline starting from the part you made, up over the top of your head, down to your ear. Take a small section next to your part that is about an inch wide. It should be long and skinny. Curl it, holding the curling iron parallel to your deep side part and making sure to get your roots really well. Once it’s hot, pull the curling iron out and use a duckbill clip to hold the section in the form of a loop until it’s cool.

3. Repeat curling and pinning all the way down in that front section until you reach your ear and then don’t touch them until they’re not hot anymore. In the meanwhile, split the rest of your hair in large horizontal sections (5 max) and curl them holding the iron horizontally. You won’t pin these in place – you’ll let them down while hot and gently comb through each section with your fingers right after curling it.

4. When your pinned curls are cool, let them down and brush them out. Apply some pressure on your scalp when brushing them. After brushing the pin curls, put the palm of your hand over your ear and press the hair you just brushed against your head. Gently push up towards the top of your head and you should see the waves appear more defined. Hairspray the waves and pin duckbill clips in the grooves of each wave to set them for a few minutes. Spray again, take out the clips and voila!

via She Lets Her Hair Down: Tutorial :: Glamorous 40s Waves.