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This is my first article in Goose & Gander, in DATING THE KING! I will have many giggles and would be in Heaven if there were no articles to write for Goose & Gander.  But alas the material is abundant!!

Gentlemen’s Club’s Parody or Paradise? DatingTheKing

I read an article by Tom Matlack in The Good Men Project.  His article was Inside a Strip Club.  I wanted to give a females response to what  he wrote.  

  • To start off the word club should be something beneficial.  Fun yes, but fun and destructive is in the Stupid Category; isn’t it?
  • Men go to these clubs because they want to feel like men.  Hhhhmmmm 
  • I’ve been taught women want security and men want respect.  When a man’s woman sees him as amazing in different ways at varying points in there journey.
  • Tom’s source said that the name of the game is making money.
  • Perhaps this is proof that women are smarter than men!  I think the reason LADIES CLUBS aren’t everywhere are multiple in reasons.  Play me for every bill in my possession just isn’t a party game that thinking or so called Bimbo females would have any interest in playing.  Duh that’s a no brainer!   
  • I remember going to a new club with an ex-boyfriend and the waitress was bending more than she needed to.  My balded, bellied, middle aged friend that she was attracted to him to play the Peacock card.  Well the whole theme of the place was the Peacock theme and she was working and not wasting her time while she was at work.  She was working for the biggest tips she could get.   The waitress just like the dancers can spot the droolers.
  • Back to Matt’s article, Brad the former manager of a strip joint said, “They are comfortable with themselves, and they look at men as complete idiots. I can take that guy’s money, why not? Why not. And I love that.”
  • Brad didn’t see anyone as wanting to strip for a life time.  He also said they made between $300 a night to $7,000 a night.   If it was a good thing, the money isn’t good it’s great, so if it was a positive they would all want to be lifers, like lawyers.
  • If they really felt truly fantastic doing what they are doing then wouldn’t a fair portion of these girls use their real name? 
  • Brad the Manager also found that a lot of these girls had social problems.   Daddy not loving Mommy and giving honor and praise to Mommy takes every kid off course.  How many daddy’s go to public places to feel sexual with what are children to them?  This is off and makes it a challenge for daughters to make a solid happy life for themselves.
  • Every girl dreams of marrying Prince Charming.  These girls who are sexually arousing married men and men in relationships are seeing that what looked like Prince Charming or Ugly Frog ~ they are all Whore Hounds.  
  • So only a solidly jaded, heart broken girl or women who say Fine then I’ll get all I can while I can.
  • A Lifetime Movie had a pimp tell his new recruit, “Use them before they use you.”  The pimp is using the girl and yes the patrons are using the girls and the girls are using the men that the work for and that they are arousing.
  • And don’t these guys have a dream of a real woman to love and not a fantasy or in truth a poorly played parody!!  
  • And true they need to work on being desirable to a woman before a real woman will work hard to help make that can happen; but isn’t that a real goal?
  • What is not a parody, spend that money on a smart diet plan for you and your partner.  Indulge your partner with new clothes, nice meals, and trips for two!  
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you only have eyes for your mate.  He will do that with you!!
  • Satan is the author of Destruction and Lies.  Satan hates women.  Eve bit the apple and I think Satan blames her for the curse put on Him in Genesis.
  • Here is one of those times the Ganders should learn from the Geese!!
  • If you & your partner are healthy what you give in a relationship always comes back in many ways.  If you are not healthy go to a good Christian counselor.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide to to the right counselor.  It’s healthy for everyone to go to counselors!  
  • Happiness isn’t a fantasy.  The King wants everyone who want to be married to have a Marriage Made in Heaven!  Know it!  Make it happen by making the King and your mate lifelong studies!  Sweet!!
  • Bottom line ~ To be like Jesus, Ganders imitate the King!  He appointed You as Head of the Geese.  His Book is clear REVELATIONS 21:26~27  The Dirty Minded won’t be in Heaven.  
  • It’s time to honestly, clear-headedly know truth and know what you want.  What we all want is Heaven!  So Go For It!!!
  • Would love to hear people’s thoughts on this; do you think it’s a Parody or Paradise?