Obama Has Screwed The Next Generation




” Young people overwhelmingly supported President Obama in both his elections in the hope that he might make their lives better.

But over at BuzzFeed, Ben Smith has written an insightful piece, “Obama prepares to screw his base,” explaining how young people will bear a disproportionate share of the costs of ObamaCare.

My major quibble with Smith’s piece? Obama isn’t preparing to screw young people. He and other politicians have been doing it for years.

Obamacare is an obvious example. A central tenet of the plan and the purpose of the individual mandate is to shift costs from older, sicker people to younger, healthier people. Unsurprisingly, Health Care costs are projected to nearly triple under Obamacare for Americans under the age of 27.

It’s also no surprise that AARP, which Smith called the “implacable lobby for retired people,” has…

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