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25 minutes. This says it right. I am not ready. I need to be more obedient. I don’t want to luck out or loose out. I’ve lost too much not to have it count. We need to course correct in anyway the Holy Spirit tells us. We need to pray for our children who are being raised in this Babylonian environment. In truth, if I don’t make the rapture I’ll probably be a serious site. I have this prevailing attitude God loves me no matter what. But He is jealous for us to be BLESSED!!!

JESUS, only with Your Holy Spirit can we walk as Joshua and Daniel and Job and Caleb and Peter and Paul did.  I’m personally asking for you to be my autopilot when ever I need it!! Amen

And ps. Father let EVER person see these types of messages that tell them exactly what they need to hear!!  Amen

pss.  Thank you Lord that you aren’t just the God of Love but also of Passion.  Your kind of Passion and Care is Choice!!  Thank You Lord For Having Zealous Passion For Each of Us!!!  Override any wrong mindsets in any of our minds.  Amen