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GUN CONTROL  Does she look like a pushover? If we take guns away from those with smaller muscles those with smaller morals and brains, the ruthless morons, will create a Luciferian world.  We have millions of people being persecuted in the world now.  The Goverment the wants our Guns.

OVERSEXUALIZED FEMALES are on the daily menu with the media in films, tv and internet.  With that they say, Oh don’t worry about nonsense; just watch reality tv that casts good people into situations that lower there standards and with all the wealth that Satan can offer.

When you use the main internet search sites they always or nearly always suggest immoral, lustful material in front of your eyes when you are specifically searching material directly opposite of what they suggest for you. Know there is a spirit behind the actions of the people that set things up to disturb your minds and lives direction every day.

REMOVING JOBS FROM AMERICA  Universities and corporations based in America seem to ship all the production to the 3rd world countries.  We need to legislate change.  The jobs stay here.

IS THIS A GREAT COMBINATION?  Glenn Beck would say this is a set up.

RENEW OUR MINDS AND OUR HEARTS ~ there is no other way.  God speaks though many things like bringing destruction when we don’t love what is wonderful.  To know how to protect ourselves, our families, our society we have to be in His Word.