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The right hat, the right accessories

Chris Craymer

The 139th Kentucky Derby is today.  Churchill Downs will fill up with well dressed fans who are betting their horse will boost their luck for the year.  I love everything about these three races.  Stock up on supplies for Mint Juleps,  finger sandwiches, fried chicken, potatoe salad and pecan pie. The foods that make you think of the South and Kentucky.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

So we didn’t make it to the Derby this time.  It’s only $40 to attend.  We can still bet on the horses and watch this festive event with friends.  Many people have hat contests at their Derby parties.  Whatever encourages play after a long week is well invited.

To get an idea of perfect Derby hats you might want to look at Maggie Mae’s Designs.

We will talk more in depth about creating a party for the next two races coming up:  The Preakness Stakes in Maryland and the Belmont Stakes in New York.  These races go great with parties because the actual race is short and everyone can focus and root their horses on in competition.

If you are just getting to know a new person or dating them for a while seeing how they handle winning or losing is an important thing to see.

This race will also be interesting with the woman jockey in the race.