Hi, I’m Gail Danos the writer of this blog. I love many things as you can see by the eclectic nature of my posts. I created a production company at one point and the platform of that entity and the platform still that I see in our world is Men are wounded, women are dishonored and kids are raising themselves. For a number of years I wasn’t sure how men were wounded. I would ask God and go about things. Then it came to me, men have father wounds and first their fathers have father wounds and the balm of healing is the relationship being bloomed with the King of the Universe as their Father. Then they honor women. Men who have a solid relationship with Jesus can have marriages made in Heaven.

I don’t follow horoscopes but I am a Gemini and I believe there is some truth on how God’s stars align that affect His children; as my Grandmother planted her plants by the moon phase and ocean waves are affected by the stars.

See I believe a relationship with the Creator of All is the most romantic relationship of all. Chivalry to the nth degree, my husband died for me and paid the price that His Father required for every sin I ever committed or ever will. Oh an I’m exceedingly rich because I own Everything with Him.

If You are searching for “the Big” answer please read Jude, it’s one page and sums up the entire message of God in one perfect page. Then I would ask you to read John because God LOVES You! Then Romans because it’s the constitution that the rest of truth hangs on! God Bless!!!

My Platform 🙂
So men are wounded – seek Jesus He longs to be Your true guide with His Word and Spirit whispering to Your Heart.
Women are dishonored – Jesus want the same with every woman and he doesn’t want any abusing person harming you.
Children deserve to feel safe in a world where men marry women and love them to their last breath. And together they protect their children’s honor, innocence, their entire worlds.
And now a 4th leg, Jesus is Coming Soon, really soon.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Apostle Paul said:

    Saw your presence on LA Marzulli’s blog and had to follow the bread crumb trail…to here. Nice look to your site. You’re hitting the nail on the head!

  2. Epitome of Dolly said:

    i am gemini too!

  3. Good platform and so relevant today when religions with their basic moral values are so ridiculed by a promoted ‘3M Religion’ of Money, More and Manipulations of human minds.

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