Charcoal kilns, Death Valley

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Standing 25 feet tall, the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns stand today as an earlier sign of human attempts to eke out a living out of the harsh atmosphere in the desert environment of Death Valley. Completed in 1877, these ten beehive shaped kilns are located above the Panamint Range of Death Valley down a long, rough road in a very remote high canyon. They were used to burn local tree wood, particularly Pinyon and Juniper to produce fuel, which was then transported to the mines to be burned for smelting and ore extraction. Adjacent is the trail to Wildrose peak, which climbs  to 9,064 feet, which makes a good day’s hike!



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Top Secret Recipes | Taco Bell Lava Sauce Recipe


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Sales erupted at Taco Bell when the chain introduced the new Volcano Taco in September 2008. A red corn tortilla shell filled with standard taco ingredients including spiced ground beef, lettuce, and cheese, is topped with a super-spicy cheese-based secret ingredient called Lava Sauce that makes this product one of the chains most successful new menu items. When the Volcano Taco was removed from stores three months after its launch internet groups quickly formed demanding the products hasty return. Apparently those campaigns worked. The Volcano taco has now returned to stores as a permanent menu item, along with a new burrito that also features the Lava Sauce. But there’s no need to go all the way to Taco Bell and beg for extra sauce if you want to spread the same spicy joy on your homemade Mexican-style creations. Get a box of Kraft Macaroni andamp; Cheese and use the powdered cheese inside to whip up your own Lava Sauce clone. Cayenne pepper cranks the sauce up to 800 Scoville units of heat compared to Taco Bells Fire Sauce at 500 Scoville units, which makes this the hottest stuff you can get at the chain. Now, with this secret formula, you can adjust the heat up or down to your preference just by playing with the amount of cayenne you add. You can also make the sauce lower in fat by using reduced-fat mayo.

Source: “Top Secret Recipes Unlocked” by Todd Wilbur.

5 teaspoons powdered cheese (from 7.25 oz. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner)

1 teaspoon water

1 teaspoon white vinegar

1/2 cup mayonnaise

3/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/4 teaspoon granulated sugar

1/4 teaspoon cumin

pinch garlic powder

pinch onion powder

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Rand Paul’s Howard University Speech


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Liberty & Civil Rights Speech By Senator Rand Paul Howard



” Senator Rand Paul joined the students at Howard University to discuss civil rights, liberty and the future of freedom in America today.”

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How To Prep Containers For Long Term Preserving | Yummy Lessons – Prepping| – the Philippine online recipe database


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Basics on how to sterilize jars and cans.

By: Melanie Jimenez

If you plan to make large quantities of bottled recipes (click for pickled recipes, jams recipes), you’ll need to invest in proper canning equipment and tools such as a canner, a jar lifter, properly sized funnels and, of course, jars and their corresponding lids and seals Pick your pickled recipes: Papaya Atchara, Nata de Coco Atchara, Pickled Kohlrab

For a step-by-step guide on How to Pickle Veggies, click here

If you’re still trying to figure it out though, there are regular kitchen tools and equipment that you can use—guerilla-style, if you will. These will include a large, heavy-bottomed pot, a wide strainer that fits exactly in the pot (so that it will not jostle around), metal tongs, and silicone potholders for submerging into boiling water. You’ll be handling very hot mixtures and containers, so exercise caution.

Once all of the jars and have been boiled and set aside to dry, portion the mixture accordingly, and then seal tight. Place the filled jars into boiling water immediately, making sure they are covered with water by at least 2 inches. Begin removing the jars after 5 minutes, though for some fruit jams it may take up to 10 minutes. The longer they are processed, the mushier the contents will be, whether fruit or vegetable. Lift them out of the pot and leave to cool in a draft-free area, placing jars at least 2 inches apart.

For more details and a helpful how-to, visit canning and preserving blog Food In Jars’ Canning 101 guide at

Photography by At Maculangan | Styling by Melanie Jimenez | Prop Styling by Rachelle Santos | Props from the Saizen (jars), The Yummy Prop Library, and stylist’s own (checked fabric, wooden tray and utensils)

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The Wonders of Castor Oil – Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) and 6 Other Uses for Castor Oil


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reblogging ~ HILDABLUE.COM

Lately, there has been a rush to the pharmacies here in Sweden. Girls and boys all over have almost queued outside of the pharmacy just to get a single small bottle of … castor oil?

No, there’s no epidemia causing constipation going around.. The castor oil is actually going into their hair!

The Swedish blogosphere has lately been filled with pictures of long-haired girls who want even longer hair, and use castor oil to get it. Before and after pictures, where their hair has grown 4 times as much as it usually does, have convinced readers and more bloggers to run straight to the pharmacy.

So what’s up with castor oil anyway? Why is it better than other oils? Is it better than other oils? Let me break it down for you, and explain how you should use it in your hair like the Swedish bloggers and on your face using the oil cleansing method or OCM.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the castor bean.  This oil differs from other oils in that it is really thick and slow-running. Castor oil has a great many fantastic properties; not only does it have antibacterial properties, it is also cleansing for your skin, and can even help heal the skin!

The uses for castor oil seem to be almost endless. Let me share my 7 favourites, starting with the amazing:

1. The oil cleansing method (OCM)

When I started this blog, I figured that one of the things I would write about first was the oil cleansing method. This was, almost to the day, 2 years ago. What has happened? I have no idea. But now it’s time.

OCM is the process of washing your face with vegetable oil, one of which is castor oil. It’s a great way of washing your face and clearing it of any blemishes; if you use this method a couple of times a week, you will definitely soon see a clear difference with more radiant, smooth skin.

How it works   The thought of using oils to clear your skin of blemishes can seem counter-intuitive – isn’t it oily skin that gives you acne in the first place? That’s true, and that is exactly why you need to supply oil to the skin. The reason why your skin gets blemished is that it produces excess oil. So, if you provide your skin with external oil, it will not need to produce as much oil. Which leads to clear skin. It’s as simple as that.

OCM is, however, not only for those with oily skin. Anybody will benefit from using OCM, because you can make your own personal blend of castor oil and another vegetable oil, that will be perfect for you whether you have dry skin or problem skin.

How to do it   When using OCM, there is no need to wash off any makeup, not even waterproof mascara. The oils will take care of that!

First, get your castor oil. Then, get another vegetable oil. Olive oil is, as always, great. Other oils you can use include (but are not limited to) sunflower seed, jojoba oil, avocado oil, canola oil or grapeseed oil. Then, get a washcloth. Then, go into your bathroom. Then, you’re ready to go!

Now you mix your castor oil with other oil. The amount of castor oil in the blend should be relative to your skin type. Here’s something to start with.

Oily skin equal parts castor oil and vegetable oil

Balanced skin 1 part castor oil to 2 parts vegetable oil

Dry skin 1 part castor oil to 3 parts olive oil

This is something to go by, but once you get the hang of OCM, try a few different ratios to find what’s perfect for you. Either, you can pre-mix a bottle of castor oil and vegetable oil, or mix it in your hands each time. When you have found the ratio that you love, get a bottle and mark with lines up to where the castor oil goes and the vegetable oil goes – and you’ll never have to measure again! Now, here’s how you do the OCM, step by step:

Pour a generous amount of oil into the palm of your hand (I’d say at least 1 or 2 tablespoons).

Apply the oil to your unwashed face and massage it carefully for about 5 minutes so that the oil is well absorbed into the skin.

Turn on your faucet and get some hot water. The water should be really hot, but not so hot that you’re scalding yourself of course.

Soak your washcloth in the running water, wring it out slightly and apply it to your face.

Leave it on just for a minute or so, or until the washcloth is cold

Repeat steps 4 and 5, once or twice.

Scrub your face lightly with the washcloth

Splash some cold water in your face or use a facial toner. This will close the pores that were just opened by the hot water.

If you have dry skin or just feel like it you can apply a little bit of OCM oil to your face and neck.

This can be done once every day, although most people find it enough to use twice or three times a week.

Warning: The first weeks there might be a little bit of acne breakout when you’re using OCM. This is normal, as the skin is trying to adapt to this new method and will try to get rid of nasty stuff. Just hold on tight, keep doing OCM and after not too long your face will have cleared up, smoother and more perfect than you could ever imagine!

For references and other cool stuff, check out this Pinterest  board that I created solely for this purpose with lots of info about OCM: The wonders of castor oil.

2. Makeup remover

If you find that OCM takes to long, or if you don’t want to do it every day, you can still use castor oil as a make up remover. Either 100% castor oil or half castor oil and half olive oil is great. Just apply some oil to a cotton ball or q-tip and swipe off the make-up.

3. Hair growth

To get your hair to grow faster, you need to do a hair oiling a couple of times every week with castor oil. Apply some to the scalp, leave on for at least 30 minutes and then wash off. The result is long, thick, shiny hair. It will also prevent hair loss. If you like you can also apply some to the lengths while your at it. Again, if you find that castor oil is too thick, add a bit of some other vegetable oil to it (olive or coconut for instance) – up to 50%.
Tip! To remove the castor oil from your hair: if you use shampoo, apply the shampoo before wetting the hair. The same goes with the conditioner only method.

4. Darkening hair

Using castor oil will make your hair just the slightest bit darker. So if you want darker hair, you’re going to love using castor oil on your scalp!

5. Get long, thick eyelashes

But this doesn’t only work on the hair on your head! No, applying castor oil to your eyelashes or even eyebrows will also result in long, thick lashes and brows. Maybe you want a thicker beard? Works just as well! This is great to do before going to bed and leaving on over night. Or, when doing the oil cleansing method, make sure your eyelashes get some of that oil as well. Just avoid contact with eyes if possible!
Tip! Wash out an old mascara brush and use it to apply the castor oil. You can even pour some castor oil into the clean mascara container and apply just like you would do with mascara.

6. Scar healing

The healing properties of castor oil means that it can be used on scars to help them heal. According to  skinverse, castor oil can even help heal internal scars such as scars from surgery. You can also apply castor oil on cuts or burns to help them heal fast.

7. Mole and wart removal

Applying some castor oil to warts, liver spots or moles will over time help you get rid of them. If you apply some every night, you should see progress already after a few weeks, and after 2-3 months the whole thing will be gone, says skinverse.

Not bad, huh? To see some of my inspiration for this article and to get some more information about castor oil and how to use it, visit my Pinterest  board: The wonders of castor oil.

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2 Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, 12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; 13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; 14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.  15 These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority.  Let no man despise thee.

from Warriors of God on FB

The devil has a mouth and he talks to your ears.  If you choose to listen to Beelzebub, you will be Beebuzzuled [ new word ]!!

He tells us soo many likes through our higher education, our media & our humans in the limelight who espouse Satan’s falsehood usually without understanding what they are saying.  Stronghold are worn in patterns.  Too break misaligned strongholds we need to put more and more of true in us and our ideas about lies then change.  New patterns evolve out of nurturing right consumption and musings.

Today’s bible verse at also goes with this theme.                                                                                                                                                      2 Corinthians 5:21 cev Christ never sinned! But God treated him as a sinner, so that Christ could make us acceptable to God.

Ask for things you do not know and the Holy Spirit will tell us new things we will profit to know.  The world throws lies in our faces on what we are giving up but we loose EVERYTHING IF WE LOOSE JESUS!!!  EVERYTHING!  The more we focus on what God has for us in Heaven and now is were true happiness is!