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Numbers are significant to God. Listen to a Hebrew scholar explain Hebrew words in the Bible and the layering and revelation in what on the surface looks simple. There are twelve apostles, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve patriarchs from the Old Testament.

You can look these up in Google:

12 judges of the old testament
12 prophets of the old testament
12 old testament patriarchs
12 tribes of old testament
12 apostles of the New Testament

A dozen eggs, a dozen rolls, a dozen roses. Twelve is a complete number and Three is God’s number.

The King says it is His pleasure to hide a matter and mans pleasure to find it out. May 12/12/12 be a time of searching, discovering, order, action – whatever the King wants you day to be I pray that it will be!

Thank you to my wonderful sister, Gwen for reminding me that in a couple of hours, it’s 12/12/12! Now it’s 15 minutes until 12/12/12. Be blessed!